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Gutspiller 10-10-2003 05:32 PM

Deus Ex: Invisible War Website Launched
In the future war on terror, how will you choose to fight? The freedom of choice is key to success. The ultra-anticipated sequel to the revolutionary game Deus Ex is closing in on completion. While the doors to the world of Invisible War have been tightly locked, it is time to offer the first official glimpse in to the realm of conspiracies, sci-fi suspense and the delicate balance of the fate of mankind. Today we announce the official game site for Deus Ex: Invisible War has gone live for the world to see! Just take a look below at the list of offerings, plus a little something special from Warren Spector and the team hard at work at Ion Storm! There is no doubt that Deus Ex: Invisible War is going to change the landscape of gaming as we know it upon its release date... December 3rd will be the date that goes down in history....be prepared!

Official game site offerings include...

A special key note introduction to the world of Deus Ex from the man himself...Warren Spector of Ion Storm. See what this game-god has to say about the past, present and future of Deus Ex, and what is in store for gamers when Invisible War is revealed! Here is just a taste of what he has to say...
"there's one thing the world of Invisible War has that the real world doesn't -- YOU, in the role of a biomodified anti-terrorist agent named Alex D."

The final version of the spectacular introduction trailer from Invisible War. This piece of cinematic genius is not to be missed! It is available for full download or blazing fast stream directly via the web site!

The first detailed info released on game features in Invisible War. - Don't know what all the hype is about? How EXACTLY is Invisible War set to impact gaming as we know it? Get an inside look in this section.

Check out the Game Info section for just the beginning introduction to key players in the Invisible War realm, bio-mods at your disposal, your arsenal of high tech weaponry and gear, and an intro to the story driving Invisible War...not to be missed!

A special addition to the site is the Developer Journal section. Here gamers will get updated information straight from the source...the team at Ion Storm! This is nearly un-heard of in today's gaming world. This well-respected development team taking time to speak to the people? What more can you ask for really?

Media media media! - Take a look at a slew of in-game screenshots, official Invisible War wallpapers, the list goes on and on! Look for updates coming in the near future!

Don't forget to register on the site to get advanced news and exclusive updates from the world of Deus Ex: Invisible War!


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